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True Stories

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

She's Everywhere!...

When we met Anna we knew we had the right agent. Anna has been a long time family friend and referral from my mother.  We had a "His & Hers" to sell and an "Ours" Dream Home to buy. Timing was important. Where do we start? Then Anna laid our a plan.
First she listed and sold the "His" house in Durham Region at a great price.

Next Anna took us to several area looking for our Dream Home. Then it appeared,
in a neighbourhood we were in love with, but there were multiple offers on it.
Anna came through and sucessfully negotiated the purchase. We were ecstatic!
We could see our extended family  enjoying the amazing backyard oasis and pool in the Guild.
Finally one week later Anna listed the "Hers" condo in Toronto and sold for over the asking price 
with multiple offers. So much excitement, it couldn't get any better.

Many thanks to Anna and the Team

Jason and Lisa, Scarborough

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

Here We Go Again, Just When I Was Starting to Like This Place!...

Hi My name is Max. One day my human started to do all kinds of things around the house.
I heard him say to some people that he didn't need staging because he'd sold before
and knew what to do.
And did he ever talk to a lot of agents before he finally picked one.
He was thorough, making sure they would do a good job. Every time people came to see the house I hid.

One day a bunch of noisy kids came through and poked their noses in everything. I didn't like them.
But then this young couple came in with a small baby and they all loved the house.
I knew then it was only a matter of time before we would be moving. That baby was always smiling and
I bet he'll find all my hiding places.
Guess I'm ok with that! 

And thanks to Judy and Anna from MinCom New Choice I'm off on a new adventure.

I do hope there will be some good hiding place.

Max & Wayne C., Pickering

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


After 50 years in the same home, it was tough to say goodbye.
We asked our daughter to help us find an agent and get the house ready for sale.
We wanted the best price, with least inconvenience and the lowest commission rate.

My daughter had previously worked with Judy from Mincom New Choice Realty
and trusted her. We met with Judy and John from Mincom and immediately felt
They were patient, gave us great advice and looked after our interests.

Judy and her Team offered a seniors' rate, recommended painters, landscapers, etc.
They did so much more than just putting a For Sale sign on the lawn!!

My husband and I are now in a lovely Retirement building living a carefree lifestyle.

Thank you Mincom.
Bella & George G., Pickering

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


After Dad passed away, my brother and I inherited his home in South Pickering.
We had grown up in Pickering as children but now I was living and working
in Toronto and my brother resided out of the country.
Since I was left to settle my Dad's estate I needed time to consider some options.
Dad used to say if I needed any advice to talk to Judy, so I did.

Judy found the perfect tenants and managed the property for us. 
Several years had gone by and the decision was made to sell.
Judy and her Team at Mincom New Choice helped prepare the property for sale.
Judy sold Dad's house, patiently guiding me through the process.

Thank you Mincom.
Michelle F., Toronto

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


We wanted wide open places and wide open places.
Had no idea which way to even we go North? East?
Worst of all, we thought we had missed the market.

Once again we called on Anna and Judy from Mincom to help us.
Anna had found us this fantascic house and maybe she could do it again.
Guess what....she did! We got almost everything we wanted, except the barn.
They help get our house ready to sell and it SOLD quickly 

You guys are the best!!
Barb & Paul K., Pickering

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


Selling a house can be overwhelming.
Since my family lives out of town I wasn't sure what was going to happen.
My son had used Judy from MinCom New Choice Realty several times, so I called her.
She and her Team took right over and sold my house.
Wanting to stay in Pickering, I wasn't sure if I should buy, rent or what to do.
Judy took the worries out of the equation.
She helped me find the right's like a Country Club!
I'm very happy to have made their aquaitance.

What a team!!
Graham H., Pickering

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


I love my house, the location and sparkling inground pool.
For years my family had great fun with the pool. Now everyone was moving to 
other areas, so I decided to move too. My brother and his wife recommended Judy 
and Anna from Mincom New Choice Realty. 
Everything happened so fast. Their stagers and photographer came with ideas
and options.
My friend insisted staged properties sell first and that pictures on the website must 
look appealing or buyers will pass it by.
So I staged the house. The first buyers that came thru loved it and bought it.
I'm happy knowing the next family will get to enjoy it as we did.
What a team!!
Geraldine P., Ajax

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


When we decided to sell, it seemed everyone was putting their house for sale.
Anna Stinson from the Stacee-Free Team at MinCom New Choice came highly 
recommended, so we decided to put our faith and trust in her.
So many houses like ours were suddenly on the market for a lower asking price.
Anna said that some buyers paid over asking price then had to scramble to find financing.
Anna knew what she was doing and guided us through a changing market.
Woud we recommend Anna?...ABSOLUTELY!
And we saved some commission too!
Sharon & Wayne B., Oshawa

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...


Seems like they have always been telling me what to do. Sometimes I listen
and sometimes...*%#@##!!!
This time I was very glad I did.
I've played hockey for many years...still do. I remember meeting Judy from
MinCom back then, so I thought I would give her a call.
I wanted to know what price I could expect and what was needed to prepare
my house for sale.
What happened next was unbelievable!!
Judy, Anna and their crew of specialists...More Women, came in and my life has never been the same since.
They had me doing things I never dreamed I would be the house that is.I'm glad I did. Judy was right, the house sold for an unbelievable price!
Thank you Ladies, couldn't have done it without you.
Bruce W., Pickering

SUBMIT: Walt Hillcrest copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

Men and Their Toys...

It seems like I lived a "Lifetime" in my Home. Now it was time for a change!
My passion is cars, drag racing and going to the races.
Friends recommended Judy and Anna from The Stacee-Free Team at Min Com New Choice Realty to sell my house.
They were straight forward, honest and did what they said they would do.
I was looking to buy in SouthWest Ontario...can you believe, Judy also found the perfect house for me.
My friends were amazed! Now I have room for my truck, trailers and all my cars.
What a change and so life goes on. Thanks to Judy and Anna.

Walt B., Pickering

SUBMIT: Julie-Glenmount web copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

Dog is Man's Best Friend...and so is John!!

After many years we decided to move out of the area. We needed an agent who
would understand our family's needs and wondered "who should we call"?

After interviewing 5 agents, the one that stood out most was John Martin from
the Stacee-Free Team at Mincom New Choice Realty.

The other agents gave lower evaluations, wanted us to stage our house and
told us to move the Trailer from the driveway, being winter that would be
a challenge and we didn't want to do staging.
John guided us through the process. He loved our little dog Lucy, but said
it would be easier for the buyers to see our house if we were away for the showings.
Best of all John said to leave the Trailer..."it is what it is".

He gave us terrific advice and sold our house over the Holiday Season for a much higher price
than the other agents gave and we didn't have to stage it or move the Trailer.

Many thanks to our Pet Friendly Agent John 
Julie and Bill L., Whitby

SUBMIT: jim & betty copy copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

There's no living with her now...Betty got a Hole in One!!

We love to Golf here in the summer but when the cold weather comes, we head South.
Timing in life is very important. We knew what we wanted and had a plan, but knowing
when to act on it was the key.

Judy from MinCom New Choice has been our agent for almost 20 years.
We trust her advice and know she has excellent negotiating skills.

Judy brought her Team, they gave us great imformation, then we prepared for the big day. 
We were thrilled at the price Judy had negotiated for us. We freed up some capital and
made some great investments.
Now we Golf here in the summer and go to the sunny South for the winter.Life is Good!!  Jim and Betty E., Oshawa

SUBMIT: paul dianne smith copy.jpgTRUE STORY...
Let it Snow...Let it Snow...

When we decided to downsize and make a lifestyle change, we had no idea
what was ahead of us.

For years we lived and raised our family in the Ajax-Pickering area and wanted
to remain near family and friends.

We met Kathy from the The Stacee-Free Team and instantly connected.
Kathy was "hands on" through the entire process.
Timing was everything because we wanted to be in our new place before winter.

Their team of stagers and contractors helped us prepare our house for sale.  
Kathy found us the perfect place and we even had them help us decorate our new condo.

We appreciated the good service and attention to detail.

No more shovels for us!!!  Diane and Paul S., Ajax

SUBMIT: victor and susan copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

What Are The Chances...

Last Year we won a trip to Japan through the Mandarin Restaurant and received these
wonderful red Canada jackets.
I guess we were in the right place at the right time.

Luckily we connected with Anna from The Stacee-Free Team. Anna shared our 
sense of humour and her attitude and concern for welfare made all the difference. 
We trusted she would find us the right place and she did.

But, there were multiple offers on the place we wanted to buy.
Luck was on our side and so was Anna, we got the deal!
Later Anna told us the seller's agent had won the same trip to Japan.
What the chances of that happening...

Next thing was to sell our place. Done! No problem, anna and the Team did a great job.  
We look forward to celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday in our new home.

Sue and Victor L., Pickering

SUBMIT: margaret copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

Teddy Bears Everywhere!

Whenever my family came back from a trip or for a special occasion, they gave me a teddy bear.
I have bears from New York, Las Vegas and one might come from Australia.

I love to socialize in my community and am always 'on the go'.
When it came time to downsize what was I to do with all my bears?
My daughter said "keep the ones you love most" and so I did.
Another challenge was having two large garden balconys full of flowers and plants.
So I suggestedmy family talk to Judy and her Team at MinCom. Judy gave them some great ideas.

After reviewing several options I'm happy to say they took Judy's advice and were glad they did.
We had several offers and when my place sold we got the best price ever!!
Downsizing is very difficult, but with everyone working together it really paid off.

My most loved teddy bears are as happy as I am in our new home. 

Margaret B., Ajax

SUBMIT: charlie copy.jpgTRUE STORY...

Retirement- I could hardly wait!!

Our plan was to sell the house, retire, buy a place and move up north.
I was looking forward to setting up my model railroad, selling the race car, buying a boat and fishing
with my grandson.

Seemed simple to me...

WELL after being in our house over 25 years, reality set it.
The real challenge was that there were so many things to plan for. That's when Judy and Anna
from MinCom and their staging team became invaluable. They helped with movers, painters,
flooring and staging the house for sale.

They not only got us over asking but found us a REALTOR® up north that did a great job as well.
Their guidance and advice made the process less overwhelming.
We were very fortunate to have Judy and her Team on our side.

Anybody want to buy a race car?? 

Charlie and Vivienne W., Pickering

SUBMIT: Ryan and Bailey COPY.jpgTRUE STORY...


Everyone loves repeat business.
Years ago The Stacee-Free Team sold us a big beautiful John Boddy semi in Ajax.

Over the years everyone 'grew up' and started to do real job stuff. Guess I 'grew out'.
they thought the stairs would keep me slim...but by looking at me it's not a fur coat I'm wearing!
Oh well, my owners love me just the way I am.

Time to move on to a new town and new chapter in our lives, they called Judy and once again she and her Team did a great job.

I guess there IS something to be said for repeat business...

Ryan and Bailey, Ajax

SUBMIT: janice S.jpgTRUE STORY...

They did it again!...

2 years ago Judy sold my mother's Condo. I like the way things were handled.
I had confidence in her and her team's ability to do a good job.

Now it was my turn, I wasn't sure whether to sell or rent my Condo so I asked Judy for advice.
She said I have someone for a short term rental and when they leave we can decide whether to
sell or rent again.

Good Plan!

The tenants left and once again Judy connected me with Anna on her team. Anna was amazing,
she leased the property for top dollar, collected all the important info so I had nothing to worry about.

Next time round, who knows what my decision will be.
However I do know for sure the Stacee-Free Team is the Best group of REALTORS® I know,
they think about the client, not just themselves.

Janet S., South Ajax


Grandma was a Baker!... 

She was the best Grandma ever. She always made us cookies. Mommy said Grandma's
place needed our help.

We got to see our Aunties and Uncles a lot more because they all came to fix and paint Grandma's place.
And a bunch of strange people from some Real Estate company kept coming and going too.
Grandma's place was really looking good

Then one day it was all finished. Mommy cried, but I knew she was ok. Everything looked nice.
Mommy said all the work everyone did was worth it, and she got happy again.

But we are really going to miss Grandma's cakes and cookies.

Lauren and Samuel-Diane's Grandchildren, Ajax

SUBMIT: Dennis Tammy.jpgTRUE STORY...
Life is full of changes, some happy and some sad. I was left with the responsibility of selling
my mother's home in South Pickering.

My husband Dennis said to call Judy from Min Com New Choice Realty, she'll know what to do.
Judy said that it was a great time to sell and that a few improvements would net us more
than if we sold "as is".

We both work and it was a struggle just emptying the property, never mind painting or renovating
the bathroom, etc, etc.

Judy and her stagers oversaw the project. It was a Big Job but we all pitched in. Finally my mother's home was ready to sell.
My mother would have been proud.

When the offers came in we were A-M-A-Z-E-D and glad we took Judy and her team's advice.
We know we did the right thing!!

Tammy & Dennis H., Oshawa

WEBIMAGES: Pauline copy.jpg

 TRUE STORY...The Man Cave is Sold!...

My husband and his friends loved to watch TV and hangout in the garage.

It was their favourite place. After my husband passed, his friends still loved to come by. It was like home to them.

We had lived here for 16 years, but since I didn't drive, I decided to move closer to my son in St. Catharines.

My Sister-In-Law had said to call Judy from the Stacee-Free Team at MinCom New Choice Realty Ltd..."I can trust those people".

Judy also provided me with an agent in St.Catharines, someone I could trust no to push me into
buying something that wasn't right for me.

I found the perfect place, now I know I did the right thing!

Thanks to Judy and John for all your help.

Pauline P., Caesarea

WEBIMAGES: marie c.jpg


I'm glad that's over with!...

After living 30 years in one place, deciding to move was huge for me.

I'm a very social person and I love visiting with my friends and family. My grandchildren always had fun swimming in the pool.

I asked my friend Doreen "Who helped you sell your place?". She said to call Kathy from the Stacee-Free Team at MinCom, and so I did.

There was never any pressure and Kathy always kept me well informed.

I guess you could say Kathy held my hand through the whole process.

Thanks Kathy, Good Job.

Marie C., Ajax

WEBIMAGES: Dick Eldon.jpg


30 years ago my wife Joan and I bought a 2 bedroom condo. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching the 'comings and goings'. Some neighbours started selling and moving to a resort style retirement home nearby.

Our family made the arrangements but my son said our condo needed a lot of work if we wanted to get the best price. He met with Judy from MinCom who suggested her Property Stagers would take care of it all.

We came back to see the place and almost moved back as it was so beautiful!

Our family made the right decision to hire Judy and her crew. We managed to get one of the highest prices in the building.

Thank you everyone.

Dick and Joan E., Ajax

WEBIMAGES: Kristian.jpg


My mother passed away and left me her much loved 2 storey Condo on the Lake. I wanted to stay but could not do stairs. I was overwhelmed, so many things to think about, I needed some guidance.

My neighbours Gerry and Trish said that Anna and Judy from the Stacee-Free Team at MinCom New Choice Realty helped them and would help me too.

Gerry called Judy and she started the ball rolling. Then came Anna with painters and stagers.
Voila! the Condo was ready to sell and it did!

Now for the final piece to the puzzle - where do I go?

Anna worked hard, found me the right place at the right price, she even helped me with the movers.

Thank you Gerry and Trish for recommending the right people.

Kristian B., Ajax




I was devastated! My owners were selling my house. I loved this place and I had the run of the house. Oh well, if I had to go I wanted someone special to help because my owners are special.

So Keith called Judy at Mincom New Choice Realty and we met Kathy from the Stacee-Free Team.

Staging-what's that??? Now the house had to look Purrrfect all the time.

I watched as people came through, we even had some offers but my owner 'stuck to his guns'., he said the market was hot and would not reduce his price. Kathy brought in her own client's offer, she said my owners would have more money in their pockets and so they did.

They liked Kathy's honesty and tenacity in getting them the best price possible. Well, I guess it's time to move on, as long as my owners are happy them I am too.

Thank you, from TJ...the Cat,

Keith and Debbie D., Oshawa




12 years ago when I was single I bought a house in Ajax through Judy
at MinCom New Choice Realty. I lived there for a year, met a wonderful lady,
got married and decided to rent the house. The rent covered the mortgage,
taxes, and some of the repairs. It became a good investment.

Over the years I referred Judy and The Stacee-Free Team to my family, Anna even sold my Grandmother's house.

Now it was time to sell the rental property, so of course I called Judy.
She said I needed to spend some money updating the property to
maximize my investment.
Judy oversaw the project, had her Stager and Renovator come in & we gave the
place a total Facelift.

Will I get my money back? We did and then some! Thanks to Judy and her Team for helping me through this ordeal.

Dave & Liz C., Pickering




It was 40 years of living in the same house and the thought of selling made us very nervous. We met Judy one year ago. It took us this long to go forward and we didn't know where to start. We lived in the same house all this time and the thought of moving was overwhelming.
Lots of things to think about, who to trust, where to go, timing, health issues to consider, OH MY GOSH!

Could we do it and survive the ordeal? Judy showed us "Before" and "After" pictures of homes she had sold. In came her Team of stagers, contractors, and marketing specialists.

We put our faith in Judy and her Team. Once they finished even our next door neighbour didn't recognize the property. Within 30 days from beginning to end our house was Sold.

We are so glad we hired Judy and her Team to help guide us through this process.

Bill & Edna M. , Pickering




"Listing one's home that you've lived in for many years and purchasing a new one is not an easy task, but for me this experience has been nothing but seamless. It all happened because of Ms. Anna Stinson and the Stacee-FreeTeam at Min Com New Choice.

I was introduced to Anna many years ago. She has worked tirelessly and been extremely patient throughout our relationship to find that perfect home. Anna is not alone, the Mincom Team led by Judy Stacee-Cleaver, provided service excellence with professionalism, promptness, patience, knowledge and kindness.

Oops, we can't forget Jo with those marvelous photos that transposed our property as to that in a magazine. Thank you All, for you service of excellence."

Gillian, Ajax



TRUE STORY.. It was time for my mother to enter into a retirement home,
so I became in charge of selling the family home in Oshawa.

I interviewed several agents and found that John Martin from The Stacee-Free Team
at MinCom New Choice Realty was exactly what I was looking for.
He was low key, confident, knew the market and had a very Competitive Commission Package. I followed his advice and we ended up with 7 offers. John delivered as promised.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John and The Stacee-Free Team.
So now I can go Golfing!

Ollie V. , Oshawa



True Story...

"Our 5 year retirement plan was almost at it's end. We were ready for a lifestyle change. Sell our Toronto home and move to...but where? We called our friend Jo, an agent with The Stacee-Free Team at MinCom New Choice Realty. In getting our home ready to sell, we received great advice and help from their Stager, Mover and Home Inspector. Jo's Team Leader Judy , having worked in the city for many years was familiar with the Toronto market. Her expertise and negotiating skills got us an amazing sale price!

Jo kept us on track, knew what we wanted and suggested Cobourg.
After several trips to research Cobourg and view properties, we found the
perfect home. We love it here and enjoy discovering all the wonderful places
and attractions the area has to offer.

They were able to find and help us buy a home east in Northumberland and help sell our house in Toronto. That's pretty special!

Many thanks to Jo, Judy and The Stacee-Free Team,

Wanda & Gillian, from Cobourg



"Our thanks to the Stacee-Free team, led by our agent Anna, for doing an excellent job in helping us sell and purchase a new house. The team is so accommodating and Anna's experience and outstanding professionalism enabled us to sell our house above asking and make a successful bid in our first attempt at getting a house in Toronto (where the bidding war is really so crazy!). Thank you team and we really loved Anna's home-made shortbread."

Best Regards to all,

Joel and Lea, Ajax



"In 2011 Kathy Lapointe sold my townhouse and 3 years later sold another home for me. Kathy cares and is a hardworking individual who understands the complexities of the market. She employs sound advice, while her compassion, strength of character and support go a long way to alleviate stress in the process of selling one’s home.

She possesses excellent negotiating skills and handles the unpleasant tasks that are a part of the REALTOR®’s job, with empathy and diplomacy.
Kathy with the support of her stellar team make the process of selling or buying as smooth and painless to their clients as possible."

Yours Sincerely,

Rene C., Ajax 2015



"We are extremely appreciative of the professionalism of The Stacee-Free Realty Team and for their honesty and enthusiasm in the extensive services they provided for selling our first home and for the purchase of our second.

The entire Team demonstrated a positive attitude and genuine commitment to helping us find exactly what we wanted from our extensive 'must have' list. We will gladly recommend The Stacee-Free Realty Team to friends and strangers alike because of their friendly attitude, honesty, due diligence and dedication."

Paul , Eryn & Kids



"Judy, I just can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I am very happy and comfortable with my new home.
Also, thanks to The Stacee-Free Realty Team for all the assistance. You are the Best!"




"We were very pleased to deal with Mincom New Choice Realty Ltd. again because of a previous house they helped us sell. When we needed the Team they were always there and because of this both our daughters decided to buy their homes through The Stacee-Free Realty Team."

"With dedication and thoughtfulness!"

Ross & Janet



In early 2007 we began our search for a new home by contacting Mincom New Choice Realty. We were in no hurry as we looked for the perfect home. They were very patient with us.
In anticipation of eventually selling our existing home they provided the services of a home-staging consultant as well as a pre-sales inspection in order to uncover any hidden concerns so that we could fix them.

Once we found our new home we immediately listed our existing home for sale with The Stacee-Free Realty Team. With a broad combination of print ads, talking ads, internet listing, agent visits and open house our home sold in THREE WEEKS.

Through the process we appreciated the attentiveness with frequent progress reports, the deep knowledge of the industry, and the team effort as they pitched in at times as backup. Without hesitation we would recommend The Stacee-Free Realty Team to anyone who is buying or selling a home.

Brian & Eke



"We heard about Min Com New Choice Realty Ltd. from another salesperson associated with the builder. Judy and the Staff provided us with useful data and feedback, they also answered all of our questions and are very courteous and helpful. They are very professional. We will recommend The Stacee-Free Realty Team in the future."

Fatemah Hekmat & Family



"We were very satisfied with the representation when purchasing our home, so much that we contacted The Stacee-Free Team to handle the selling of our home.
Your Team met & exceeded our expectations again when they found their own buyer for our property.

Thank you, Judy, we will use you again."

Markus & Melanie



"We thought the 2.5% commission was "too good to be true" but were pleasantly surprised when MinCom brought their own buyer & that is all we paid--2.5%-- no strings attached.
We were very impressed that it included a free pre-home inspection & Home Staging Service.
The team was very professional & exceeded our expectations with continuous communication & service."

Rachel & Frank



"Judy went above and beyond our expectations, respecting our privacy and space while showings went on. Judy's level of expertise and professionalism helped us receive a fair market price based on other homes in the area. The Team concept made everything stress free, there was always someone there to help. Judy delivered exactly what she said, and I will recommend others to do business with The Stacee-Free Team."

Saleena, Richard & Family



"We interviewed 4 agents, Mincom New Choice's marketing was more in depth. We were impressed with the services offered by The Stacee-Free Team. Once onboard, from their In-House Photographer's photo shoot, front lawn sign, being listed on MLS to a private showing in less than 24 hrs., an offer was accepted in less than a week(and just before Christmas), thank you for making a potentially stressful experience comfortable & exciting."

Greg & Julie



"We were impressed with the professionalism of your team. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable, patient and understanding through the process of selling our home.
It was a learning process, many things have changed since the last time we sold a house.

The good news...we sold OVER the asking price."

Lori & Frank



"My 2 daughters & their families & I are your clients for life! You & The Stacee-Free Team have handled all of our transactions in the last 10 years, & they have been smooth sailing from start to finish.

I recommend you every chance i get. Your friend & client...Yvonne Lewis."

Yvonne Lewis



"Your 2.5% Min Com Listing Program really works! We couldn't be more happy!"

Stephen & Chris



"It was a pleasure to work with The Stacee-Free Realty Team when we bought our new home and sold our old home.
Anna made it so we had a great experience and no worries.

I would recommend, and have recommended, Min Com New Choice Realty Ltd."

Paul & Barb



"Mincom New Choice's excellent personal skills, knowledge about the industry and the offices friendly atmosphere was greatly appreciated! I chose The Stacee-Free Realty Team because of the service and honesty I received during a showing of a previous home. I felt that I received an excellent price based on the prices that similar homes were selling for.
Since my home was sold on a weekend, I was quite pleased with the help from the rest of the Team.

Thanks for all your help selling my home."




"Once we made the final decision to sell our home, we turned to friends and family for recommendations. Petra Armstrong came highly recommended and and we set a time to meet for an initial consultation. Petra and her colleague met with us and explained the process and presented a thorough evaluation of our property. We listed our home immediately. Petra was professional, efficient and friendly during the whole process and more importantly treated us with great respect. Within ten days, not only had we sold our home, but Petra also found the home of our dreams for us. There was not a moment that we didn't feel well taken care of and will like to pay it forward. We're definitely going to recommend Petra Armstrong and The Stacee-Free Realty Team at Min Com New Choice Realty Ltd. Thanks so much for a job well done! You definitely exceeded our expectations. Warm regards,"

Debra & John



The service I received from the Stacee-Free Team & Anna Stinson was above and beyond. From the very beginning with the free services of a home stager, right through to the offer presentation (very late at night to accommodate my schedule), everything was excellently done. My home sold over listing price in just 2 weeks! I would definitely recommend the Stacee-Free Realty Team to my family & friends.




The Stacee-Free Realty Team has a lot of experience in our area & our home was sold in 2 weeks in the month of November. This was a very positive experience compared to our previous sales. The expertise, communication & team work was excellent and we would be happy to refer The Stacee-Free Realty Team to our family & friends.

Mel & Maureen



My neighbour recommended The Stacee-Free Realty Team to me. I found the team concept worked really well to get my home & we were really pleased with the sale price. The expertise & professionalism was excellent as well as the communication. As a result I have recommended the Stacee-Free Team to other neighbours & friends that are interested in selling.

Tazik & Renate



Always responded to my calls quickly...going the extra mile ie. photos for home, staging service & pre-home inspection.




Took time to explain the sales process in detail...great marketing plan & the commission structure was reasonable. The team concept provided fast results, we would recommend them to anyone selling their home.

Wolfgang & Renate



Dear Judy, Sandy & I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all the work you & your team did for us. When we realized that we had to move again there was never any question in our minds who we would call. We were extremely satisfied with the way you looked afterus the 1st time & with the new addition of your Team, there was never a time when we weren't looked after. The virtual tour you provided & the staging ladies were extremely friendly & helpful. Also very pleased with the constant updates of new & existing properties via email while we were looking to buy & that you or a team member was always available for questions or to show us a property. If we decide to move again, know that you & your team will be the first ones we call!

Sandy & Elaine



"Mincom New Choice always took our interests to heart and had an excellent market presence. We chose to do business with The Stacee-Free Realty Team because of their attention to detail and they recognized the individuality of our home. We received an excellent price based on what similar homes were selling for. The Team Concept helped to get our home Sold because each Team member we dealt with provided excellent service.

"The Spokes of a Well Oiled Wheel"

Dianne & Andre



"Thank you for making the Sale of the house go so easy, at least from our point of view. You made the sale almost a fun thing!"

Dave & Linda Chalmers.



We recently listed with Kathy she did a fantastic job marketing our property. We had a very short window to sell the house and she did a fantastic job showing the property and getting us a great price.
I would definitely recommend Kathy if you're looking to list your property for sale or if you're looking to purchase.
She won't disappoint!!!!

Thanks again for all you did for us to get us the best price and for the quick sale we needed!!

Melissa & Corey



To Judy, Kathy and Jo: Thank you so much for your above and beyond service in the completion of our sale transaction.
We found your team to be efficient, accommodating, knowledgeable and approachable at all times with a high spirit of customer servicing and satisfaction always at the forefront. Our needs were not only met on a day to day basis, they were exceeded!

Even though there were times that we had some unrealistic deadlines and/or requests, your team was results driven
enabling them to shine through with flying colours.
Your team was at all times proactive working toward the best possible outcome.
It has been our pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you and we would not hesitate to refer future potential customers your way.

It is with great respect and admiration that we say "Thank You". Congratulations on a great job well done!!

Sincere Regards ..

Marian & John Quackenbush